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Parlez Clothing - Menswear / Streetwear / Workwear - UK

Autumn/Winter 2016 sees Parlez carry on their minimalistic approach to nautical inspired attire, while expressing their love of street culture through staple silhouettes that are synonymous with the style. The collection on a whole has broadened, adding French work jackets sourced and produced in France available in the collections base colours of black and ecru, which runs through the core of the Autumn/Winter ’16 collection.

Hoodies and sweats add real weight to the season, emblazoned with the brands logo and varying from simplistic white to the tricolour palette; a design which is represented on what has been a staple of any Parlez collection, the rugby shirt – which pays homage to the British heritage of the brand. Across several t-shirts, hoodies, coach jackets and rugby shirts you’ll find further influence of Parlez affiliation with maritime culture through their simplistic yet capturing designs.

 Overall the collection builds on popular pieces from past seasons, adding to it advanced designs, materials and silhouettes which showcase the brands maturity and growth over it’s short history.