Ahead of his debut album launch, we caught up with fellow Bristolian, Gardna to find out what he's been getting up to, and what's he's got in store for summer 2022!


How would you describe your sound and what are your main influences?


At the root of what I do is sound system music, I choose my beats from an array of sounds within that and then sprinkle my trademark UK style and flavour over that. As far as what I’m influenced by, I always find this question super hard to answer because I simply draw influence from just about everything that I like.
Be that music, people, art, books, words, experiences, literally anything in life. I never feel like I’m particularly influenced by any one thing,I take influence by everything, if something’s dope, I want to try and put my stamp and my twist on whatever that is, you know?   
You’ve got something exciting dropping on the 17th of June, can you tell us more? 

 My Time & Space the album drops this Friday, I couldn’t be anymore gassed for you to listen to it. Go and check it out right now (click here). It’s got some heavy features from the likes of DRS, Fox, Dynamite MC, Eva Lazarus, Omar & Catching Cairo.    

What were some of your tour highlights? 
So many highlights. Honestly, just the experience of being with my live gang on the road again was just super nice. Have to shout out my tour DJ, Jack Corfield, Tailored Sound on Sax, Catching Cairo, and everyone else involved cos the whole tour was lit. Favourite show was probably London this time around, we had such a special line up that night with Eva Lazarus, Dynamite MC, Don Letts, The Nextmen, Kreed, Catching Cairo, ASBO, the whole team turned up. It felt amazing. Liveliest crowd was obviously up in Newcastle, we had DJ Die and very special guest Bryan Gee join us to play that night, last date of the album tour, intimate vibes, was nothing short of legendary.   
Now that events are back in full swing, what gigs/festivals  are you most looking forward to this summer?   
Glastonbury mate! It’s so bloody close now, I’ve literally been thinking of this show for years, we got booked for it in 2019 and then the whole world turned upside down. I have a huge huge gig this year on the Glade. Gardna & Friends with special guests DRS, Don Letts, Jem Cooke and CC. Flares at the ready, we’re going in! 
What would be your dream music collaboration to work on?  
You know what, I’ve already worked with nuff of my heroes in this music thing. I’m a big collaborator and I’ve found that being cheeky and hitting people up at the right time, right place has certainly prevailed.


What albums are on heavy rotation on your Spotify right now? 
Check out the Gardna x SWU FM playlist on Spotify, it’s all in there. All the stuff I rinse and play on the radio, some bangers in there! 
You recently dropped in the studio to grab some Parlez gear for your latest tour - What’s your favourite piece? 
 Ooof I wore some Parlez steeze on the tour that’s for sure! I really loved my Ecru quarter zip. I’ve got the banging new recycled Leeward two piece, can’t wait wear that all festival season. Absolute drip.

When you’re not in the studio or at a show, what else do you get up to? 
I like being in my city here in Bristol, walking around town, linking mates, I like going to eat, I like going to the pub, I love spending time with my girl, I like buying trainers. Music is my life so it’s the simple things I appreciate when I have a rare day off.  

What’s your proudest moment to date so far as an artist?  
Ah man! I always look back and find a sense of pride when I think about where I’ve been with music. Not sure if I can say I’ve played all over the world yet as I’ve got a hell of a lot more travelling to go, but I’ve done shows all over the UK and Europe, I’ve toured America, Australia and New Zealand, I’ve played in Asia. It’s crazy to think, I’m very grateful for this.   


And lastly, what do you have in the pipeline for 2022?   
Festivals festivals festivals, so many amazing shows lined up! I got a big boy headline Bristol show coming up in October. Australia and New Zealand again to end the year with a bit of sunshine. Maybe some juicy remixes aswell!! 

Photography c/o JMAR VISUALS
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