Photographer & Filmer Sam Howard recently travelled to Indonesia with big wave surfer Ben Larg, with a selection of our High Summer pieces. We caught up with Sam on his return to the UK to find out more.

“A trip to the tropics was our time to relax and surf our brains out after a busy season working on creative projects”.


Some words from Sam;

Ben’s aim was to get back to where he wanted to be with his surfing, after a season impacted by an unfortunate ear injury. Sam wanted some more time on the board after a winter behind the lens. 

But the trip was full of Indonesian surprises. The swell took its time to arrive, memory cards corrupted, camera kit was stolen then found on a wild goose chase that led us to a gang of sketchy Russians. Scooter shenanigans ended up with stitches. Small waves and shallow reefs caused a few nasty cuts and Ben’s ear was still causing him problems even after his surgery. 

But all these things made for great memories. The lads enjoyed a few too many nights out in Bali, the mecca for an 18-year-old surfer (and a photographer who still thinks he’s 18). A stag-do to the Ments, some incredible waves (when they turned on!) and a trip to Java. 

When the waves were quiet, we got creative cruising on custom motorbikes and making this visual piece for Parlez. 

Turn up the sound and enjoy!

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