We've joined forces with Reskinned to offer a take-back scheme, where you can trade in your old Parlez gear in exchange for a 15% off web voucher towards something new. Whatever condition your unwanted garments are in, they will give them a new lease of life by repairing, re-purposing, or responsibly recycling them – nothing goes to waste.


Watch the step by step process below.



Reskinned makes it easy for brands and their customers to participate in a fully circular clothing economy, working to create a more sustainable clothing world, by providing a simple end-to-end solution to handle take back, recommerce and end-of-life recycling.

Returned clothing is hand sorted at the reskinned warehouse and depending on the condition, is then repaired and cleaned ready for their resale platform and pop-up events. Items that are past repair or unsellable are recycled responsibly. 

The UK generates approximately 1.75 million tonnes of textile waste annually, with 1.2 million tonnes of it ending up in landfills. At Parlez, we are committed to reducing unnecessary waste and extending the lifespan of our garments and existing textiles. Join our sustainability journey today and help us make a positive impact on the planet!

Got some pre-loved Parlez in your wardrobe? Click the button below to start your trade-in.


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