Continuing our summer mix series into the colder months (we all need a little cheering up when it gets dark at 4pm, don't we?), we've linked with Chris Farrell for our latest mix.
Chris is one part of Bristol-born label Idle Hands, and owns and runs the legendary record store of the same name. Instrumental in the sound of Bristol for over 10 years, Chris's music knowledge knows no bounds, and his sets cover anything from house to garage, techno to dub, 80's dance to reggae.
We got to know Chris - take a read and hit play!

Can you tell us a bit about your mix and the vibe you’ve gone for?
A little selection of some old dub techno favourites, something for the colder months
How did you get involved in the music scene?
It's just always been a part of my life. I used to get dragged around record fairs and shops by my dad, and occasionally went with him when he was DJing. Later when I moved to Bristol, I got a job at Imperial Records and been actively involved in the music scene and record labels ever since. 

What tracks are you listening to at the moment?
I've been listening to the Maria Somerville LP a lot, I like most of the stuff that comes out on the Astral Industries label. I really liked the recent SNP 500 12" called 'Treasure'. I've spent a bit too much time this year nerding out over Spacemen 3, and just had an intense fortnight going back over Ghostface and Raekwon. There is always a steady stream of new house and techno that I am into via working at the shop, but it can be hard to pin these things down to one or two tracks.
What have you got coming up next?
Idle Hands, my shop and label is doing a joint party with the London shop, Low Company. They are old friends so looking forward to that. A few gigs here and there lined up, playing some gigs in Germany in January in some spots I haven't played before that should be fun.
Finally - tell us a bit about your style and the kind of stuff you like to wear:
Outside of music its books and clothes that I'm interested in, books on clothes even better! I find style fascinating. In terms of what I like, I like brands like Carhartt, Norse Projects, Universal Works and Albam. There’s a shop in Leeds I like called All Blues Co. I bought a Lee Workwear jacket there which I’ve worn a lot. Parlez Jackets are always a good edition to the wardrobe. For shoes mainly Clarks, got a soft spot for Mephisto’s as well. I’ve been very loyal to Reebok in terms of trainers, but recently bought some Saucony too...
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