This summer, Parlez has teamed up with DJs, producers and musicians to bring you the Parlez Sessions, a series of mini mixes to get you right for the week.
First up is UK funky producer, DJ Polo. One part of legendary Bristol club night Sprung, Polo attacks the UK Funky scene with full force with his beat-heavy sets and tropical vibes.
Get to know the man himself and listen to his mix to get yourself in the mood for a dance!
Thanks for joining us for Parlez Sessions! What's the vibe you've gone for in your mix?
Thanks for inviting me do a mix! Well, I’ve tried to fit as many tracks as possible into 15 minutes which has been really fun.  I’ve started it with some slower tracks, leaning towards more of a dancehall / hip-hop vibe – then we end up on my usual selection of percussion-fuelled, funky tracks.  It’s a good reflection of the music I’m really enjoying at the moment.
How did you get into the music scene?
I’ve been playing music from an early age... I started playing piano when I was 6, then went on to learn saxophone and guitar. I did Music Tech in college, where I started learning production & recording basics.  I started taking production seriously when dubstep emerged, so I’ve been producing now for about 10 years now across different genres. This is coming up to the third year I’ve been making music under DJ Polo.  
What have you got coming up next?
This year I plan on releasing my first LP which I’ve been working on for a while. It’s been a challenge but it’s finally coming together and should be out before the year finishes. I’m really happy with the tracks on there as I think it showcases what I can do musically. It’s also got some great features from different vocalists and producers! Asides from that I have a single coming out in the next couple of months and a couple of collaborations before the years out - busy times.
What's your summer tune this year?
In all honesty I’ve not actually heard one yet this year that I could class as my ‘summer tune’ … I’m sure there’ll be one soon though – it’s usually the track I end up rinsing on holiday!  Last year it was Skepta & WizKid - Energy and that’s going to be a hard one to top.
Aside from Parlez, what are your favourite brands?
To name a few – Maharishi, Nike, Ralph Lauren and Carhartt.  Carhartt is my staple brand at the moment – great quality and fits well. Trainers are always Nike – I just got some Vapormax and they’re the comfiest trainers I’ve worn in a long time. 


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