This summer, Parlez has teamed up with a series of DJs, producers and musicians to bring you Parlez Sessions, a series of mini mixes to set the sounds to your week.
Parlez links with one of Bristol's biggest club promotion teams, The Blast. Hosting events in Bristol's biggest clubs, stages at Glastonbury, Hospitality and Love Saves The Day, The Blast are the first word in Bristol's club and music scene. This week two of their resident DJs, Shaboom and Georgia, provide a multi-genre mix spanning hip hop, r&b, grime and jungle.
We caught up with Shaboom & Georgia just before playing Glasto back in June...

Congrats on playing at Glasto! Who are you making sure you see?

S: Real talk I haven’t even checked the whole line up because I’m still trying get to grips with the size of the site and more importantly camping (looool) but I recently found out that Wu-Tang are performing so I’m gonna make sure I see them. Icons.

G: Thank you! Funnily enough I haven’t thoroughly looked at the lineup either, I’m more excited for the experience because I’ve never been before! I will definitely be at the Who Cares stage all Friday, and I’m really excited for Arcadia.

How did you get into the music scene?

S: I knew I wanted to be involved with music since school. I think moving to Bristol for uni and just being “active” since I got here has helped me build relationships with people involved in it and has also lead to friendships outside of just the music flex.

G: I think being friends with a lot of people in the music industry really inspired me to become a DJ. I would watch my friends sets and think ‘I would love to do that’ and I’d be subconsciously thinking what tunes would go well with the ones they were playing. I bought decks and here I am now - if you told me that I’d be playing at Glastonbury in two years time I’d laugh! I’m so happy and grateful!

What's your tune of the year so far?

S: It changes every month really as new BANGERS come out all the time, but one tune I’ve had on repeat lately is Go Loko from YG’s tape so I’ll say that for now!

G: That question is impossible for me to answer, so here are my favourite of the year so far: P Money - Money Over Everyone 3, Chase & Status - RTRN II JUNGLE and Devlin - The Outcast.

How would you describe your style and what brands do you like to wear?

S: I like to keep the rotation moving but most of the time it depends on my mood and what I’m doing. Nike is bait but real talk you can’t escape it -  for trackies or creps I probs wear Nike 90% of the time. Also I’ve been rocking those fisherman/tactical vests from early!

G: I love wearing men’s t-shirts and local brands, so Swan Swang and Parlez are my favourite brands at the moment.

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