Size Guide Bomber Jacket

Getting the right size can be tricky, below we provide the actual measurements of the garment so if you don't know what size you need you can use these to compare to a garment you already have.

Below you can see where we take our measurements. To do the same with an item you already own then lay your garment flat & choose which dimension you would like to measure. Once you have your measurement compare this to our size chart below to help you select the correct size for you. An example for Size L can be seen below

S 49 cm 54 cm 66 cm
M 50.5 cm 56.5 cm 67.5 cm
L 52 cm 59 cm 69 cm
XL 53.5 cm 61.5 cm 70.5 cm
XXL 55 cm 64 cm 72 cm