Sustainability / Ethical


At Parlez we strive to achieve the highest possible quality goods and recognise our sustainable responsibilities.  This includes the conditions our team works in. 

It is essential that our goods are designed to last, withstand both every day wear and the test of time. Through good design and use of more sustainable fabrics, we aim to make a change for the better. As a small company, we realise there is always more to be done and we are constantly working to implement as many changes as possible as we grow. 


PACKAGING: In an effort to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, all our orders are packaged using recyclable cardboard boxes or paper bags. We also use biodegradable plastic bags to keep our garments in excellent condition. Where necessary, these packages are then wrapped using recyclable paper tape.

COURIER: To help offset our carbon footprint for the orders we send out, the DPD service we use is carbon neutral. They also use renewable energy for over 60% of their energy outputs. 

HIGH QUALITY:  We believe in a strong, sustainable design strategy to ensure we produce quality products that will last, rather than producing "fast fashion' items, which a responsible for a huge amount of clothing going to landfill.

ETHICAL: It is our responsibility to source raw materials from accredited sources, including the dyes and chemicals used in the manufacture of our products. Our products are tested to ensure they don't contain anything nasty; all our textiles are tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tek standard 100 certification. We also ensure that any factories used to produce our products are audited regularly and insure that their staff are paid a decent wage and have the highest possible welfare standards.